The Artist is God the Father, the Master of Life,
and the children are those who seek to know God
and to live according to His will.
(1 Jn 3:22)"We receive from Him whatever we ask because
we keep His commandments and do what pleases Him."

This is My Body This is My Blood
A Handbook for
Getting to Know and Love the Holy Mass.

Based on the 2002, 3rd edition of the GIRM

Knowing the Liturgy of the Mass,
and celebrating it as directed
by the wisdom of the Magisterium,
gives God a better chance
to sanctify our soul.

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Ebeth Weidner
Recipient of the 2009
Seal of Approval
Nonfiction Titles

Awarded by
The Catholic Writers Guild
to titles which content is loyal to
the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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